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Our History


Don Fernando Jacinto Sr.
over five decades, the Jacinto name has been synonymous with quality roofing products and services. In 1958, Jacinto Steel came into being as the pioneer manufacturer of G.I. sheets in the Philippines, founded by visionary and father of the Philippine Steel Industry, Don Fernando P. Jacinto. In 1968, Don Fernando won the bid to build Iligan Integrated Steel Mills (IISMI), the country’s and South East Asia’s first integrated steel mill, which later became National Steel.

As a testament to the company’s expertise in the color-roofing industry, Jacinto prides itself in trailblazing the first color coating line in the country. In the 1970s, the Jacinto Group pioneered the manufacture of locally pre-painted long span GI sheets. JacintoColor Pre-Painted Sheets became the market leader, known for its anti-corrosion and paint adhesion properties.

The Asian Financial crisis in the late 1990s greatly affected the operations of the company. After weathering the storm, JacintoColor Roofing is now experiencing a rebirth. It is now under a new corporate entity, JacintoColor Steel, Inc., headed by Mr. Ramon P. Jacinto, son of the late Don Fernando P. Jacinto.

With the able assistance of forward-looking executives and sales personnel, plus the wealth of experience of Mr. Ramon Jacinto, JacintoColor Steel, Inc. will in no time be a major market player, fulfilling its goal of playing a major role in the building of homes and improving the lives of the Filipino people.


Our Vision

To play a major role in the building of homes, improving the quality of life.

Our Mission

To be the premier roofing company that designs, produces, and markets high quality, innovative steel roofing products.

A change for the better

Change is a refreshing energy. It revitalizes and opens us to new possibilities and it is for this reason that Jacinto Steel has come up with a new logo design. The new logo shows the dynamic thrust of the company, built on the core fundamentals of no compromises on product and service quality laid down by its founder, Don Fernando Jacinto Sr. Prominent in the design are the letters J & S with part of the letter C subliminally part of the letter J. Cradled on the letter J, is a small circle with crosshair. The crosshair signifies the heart of the company: precision, strength and solidity. The outer big blue circle represents and rounds out the completeness and the commitment of Jacinto Steel to quality, a value Don Fernando has always emphasized.
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