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Terms and Conditions

  1. JacintoColor Steel will deliver and install Bahay Tibay free of charge to Metro Manila location site only, clients outside Metro Manila will be charged a separate handling and shipping fee.

  2. The Client should also provide concrete slab and other civil works necessary prior to delivery and installation unless specified in the contract.

  3. The client should provide electricity and water supply during the entire installation of the Project.        
                The Installation of the Bahay Tibay differs according to the model chosen. JacintoColor will notify the client on the estimated installation time depending on the model ordered. Jacinto Color Steel will not be liable to client under any circumstances if its installation is prevented or impaired due to acts of God, including adverse weather conditions and earthquakes, or any other matter beyond the reasonable control of the Company.


  4. The Client should also provide necessary accommodations for Installers if necessary; depending on the site location.

  5. Prior to the installation process, it is the responsibility of the client to secure all the materials delivered on the site. JacintoColor Steel will not be liable for any loss and damage of the materials delivered and received on the site. 

  6. Products or Materials not fully paid remains a property of JacintoColor Steel.

  7. Plans and other legal documents required for the installation of the project are not yet included in the Bahay Tibay quote and is the responsibility of the client unless otherwise agreed.

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